Around the Shop Fall Edition: Part I

Well we made it.

This was our first major season change as retailers and it was amazing and a doozy all at the same time. We lined it up with our 2 closed days and first thing Monday morning we got at it ripping apart stuff and packing up the summer product that was left over.

Trevor was busy adding new shelving to the area beside the checkout counter and we moved in my latest Ikea hack. (Separate post on that to come next week)

We worked tirelessly for 2 solid days and finished up at about 9:30 Tuesday night finally finding the floor. Then we fired up the Dean Martin and walked around admiring our handy work. I'll be honest I almost started to cry. Weeks of prep with sewing and sourcing and hunting and cleaning and pricing and it came together better than I could have imagined. 

I am more aware than ever as a shop keeper that my slightly micro managing OCD personality that was kept slightly underwraps as a dental hygienist is out like a freak flag with my own store and the fact that I have found people to work with me so well and push me to be better is just an amazing feeling.

So because I love the turn out so much this walk around the shop is going to end up being 2 separate posts as I took a lot of photos.

We are still awaiting some great stuff to come in and we have some hunting trips planned for more great vintage but the store is chock full of goodies.

Two posts to share with you but a lot is to journal for me.

Enjoy the front of the shop as it appears for fall.

this was our biggest change. as kinks work out we know how much shelving has become important in this space. i obsessed over the colours of the shelves and brackets and settled on black brackets and white shelves. doesn't seem like it should have been a difficult decision but "freak flag" 

lots of large and smaller standing wheat sheaths. natural tarwe, preserved oak leaves (those colourful beauties aren't fake, they are real branches)

the potting bench reflects the season as we transition to cypress trees, kale and fall coloured ferns. you can't see them super clearly in the photos but there are copper bowls that came in, inside the metal box and they are super neat. i couldn't decide if they should be planted or candle holders or just plain.

the spools went a little monocramatic. the tall knit vases and tall real birch tubes are great for stuffing with branches or wheat.

willpower. that's what i had when i hung this preserved boxwood wreath instead of taking it home. i am a gardener but still love this dark green where you can't grow anything. this bad boy is large at 22' across.

the photo above and below are probably my favourite new products we have in the shop. candles go figure. the above boxed candles are made with wooden wicks so they sound like little fires crackling away in crazy cozy smells and they are CANADIAN made. love that.

when i bought one to test my dad tried to steal it from me he loved it so much.

i know i have a winner when my dad is trying to scoop it up.

 the mustard colour beeswax candles i have mentioned on instagram and Facebook so sorry if this info is repeating for you but the vintage style bottles are still capturing my heart.

the photo above also shows our new little wrap it wind it station.

i spent a few years looking for bakers twine around us and only found the tiny spools for lots of $$ at craft stores. well hunt no more, large spools in different colours for wrapping, cooking whatever.

air plants. we have them. we are getting more. they're hanging in the windows too.

the cart is from ikea. i know you want to know.

Enjoy the weather everyone and we'll see you in the shop.

Next week  we'll wander around the back of the shop and I'll share that Ikea hack I accomplished.

Till then


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