A matching set.

Good morning all.

I jumped over my post yesterday and am posting it today instead. We had an eventful weekend and after finishing packing orders at 11pm, there just wasn't anything left in the battery pack. We had an exciting change happen at home this weekend and I am planning to share lots of photos and stories this week. Promise.

For today though I have a huge matching bedroom set I just finished up. This set was a leftover unloved from a local teen bedroom that they didn't have room for after moving. Super for me and some other lucky person. I used my newest toy, a heat gun from #canadiantire to strip the varethane on top. A definite learning curve to using them for stripping but great once you get the hang of it. Geez that sentence was kind of dirty. 
I then applied #howardsfeedandwax to the top.

I used #generalfinishes #antiquewhite on the lower parts of the dresser and end tables and just a slight amount of distressing.
Funny story about the paint. Since we're here and all.
I ran out of my paint after finishing the end tables and 1 coat of the dresser. This paint is not overly available near me so I stock up when I am in the areas of the stores that carry it.  Lee Valley Tools is the only large retailer in Canada but they don't ship the paint. They need to work on that. Trevor and I decided to drive over the river on Thursday night to Rockler Hardware. We got held up at the border for what felt like forever and made it there swerving and speeding at 6:59. The store closes at 7:00 or that night at 6:58. Cripes! After swearing and screaming in the car, we found another painted furniture store that was open until 8:30, totally saved the night. I guess it isn't like a hilarious story but it's a story nonetheless.

the tops being left pine allow the pieces to fit into so many spaces without just being white.

 i love these for a cottage bedroom but it might need to be a big cottage.

the map behind the pieces is an antique map from the muskokas we came across a few months ago. again a fantastic piece for someone's cottage.

And now the end tables.

with my bedroom table lamps i dragged downstairs because they just felt right to me


I am going to be selling this set prior to the show mostly because it is a set and therefore will be hard to style individually in my limited show space but, also because it is quite heavy and we don't want anyone busting a hip at the show. If you or someone you know is looking to give a nice bedroom set a home, send me an email at [email protected]


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