Winter at home: upstairs

Good morning everyone.

It seems that every season that comes along I change my mind about which time of year I like my home the most. In Canada we generally get to experience the 4 seasons in their entirety and although this year has been unseasonably mild for us, it technically is still winter.

Winter decor doesn't necessarily mean piles of pinecones, even though I have done that before in the past as well. 

This year is still all about the plants for me (kinda handy that this years pantone colour is "greenery") and I love styling my home without decor that signifies a holiday or season, even for just a little while. Along with the greenery colour, my long time collection and love of african and global art seems to falling right on trend as well. Woohoo!

I haven't been able to take any photos of the main floor of our home for a few weeks as it may be warmer than normal but with the absence of bright white snow and sunshine it kind of feels like night all the time and we have a lot of darkness happening that makes photography a smidge difficult.

So for today we shall do a leisurely wander around our upstairs hallway and bedroom.

this little succulent tree and it's pot are my newest and favourite addition to my plant family. the pot is one of my favourites that we carry in store.

these little greenhouses and terrariums are just so much fun and so "it" right now according to the decor powers that be but, i just love the weathered wood look and the fact that it keeps the humidity going around my precious little heart fern.

i have had this bronze bust now for almost 11 years and it is one of the very first pieces of african bronze that i bought when i first started my collecting. it has been in so many different places in our home and previous home and i still love the patina and colour of it.

a new addition to this wall. the macrame runner has been hanging for awhile but the stave holder just arrived. they will be coming into the shop once they are finished being made but they are from niagara wine barrels that have been decommissioned and the hook that my air plant is resting on is made from the actual rings of the barrels.

because there is a flat spot and a hook i can see me changing out what sits on the stave a lot but for now i am quite happy to have it hold one of my prized xerographicas

And a small peek into the bedroom for now.

super neutral with a bit of an antler theme. the antler wreath is actually resin but super realistic looking. i like how thin it is on the window.

Have a great day everyone,


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