Winter at home

Good grief it's the middle of friggin' January and I am just getting around to getting back into blogging. Lots going around here including repainting a room I just painted 3 weeks ago. More on that to come later this week or the beginning of next or cripes at the rate I'm going this year it'll be posted in June. Ha. 
Also, lots of great new fabric coming in for some of my new pillow ideas that I am working out for stock for the shop. Man if I could just spend my days sewing, rewatching episodes of Sex and the City or Gilmore Girls in the background and make enough money to support my life, I would be set.
 I am also trying to teach myself to use excel better so my uncle/accountant can legibly figure out what the hell I am doing with my money and where it's going. Anyone else out there ever tried self teaching themselves excel? That program was created to cause drinking problems, I swear. I'm slowly getting better though, and after watching some of the how to videos out there and laughing at the stupid guy saying "but this is pretty easy stuff" a few times I felt good about myself not kicking my computer.

Anywho, why are you here today? To see some pretty pictures right? After the glitz and glam of the holidays are removed from this house I am on a mission to remove things. Not too many things because I just enjoy them too damn much but some of the things. I also get an itch to see less colour at this time of year.

I removed the lovely greenery and balls on our mantel and added back in our African collectibles. I just couldn't put the brass deer away yet and as I was standing there looking at them with Trev vacuuming in the background, he yelled at me over the stereo " Don't put the deer away yet, I like them" Love that guy so much.

So the deer stayed out and 1 pinecone made the cut. all other Christmas-ey related items hit the bricks as they say. I left some of the rosehips out for a tich (yup it's a word in my world) of colour.

Ah the whole view. I love seeing this change every season. Our mantel is huge and it is fun to change and keep track of here.

Oooh and a sneaky peaky into the room. My pillow combos for this season are super neutral and I am enjoying them immensely.

See you tomorrow with a main floor tour.

Have a good day all,


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