Who has to pee? The Bathroom Reno

I know it's an odd title for a blog post but a very serious one for some people.

I answered multiple questions from interested parties about why I was renovating the bathroom in the store. Why not just leave it? It's just a bathroom.

But..... it isn't.

Some people....ahem....maybe me, like to try to visit restrooms and rest stops no matter where I am and it may have been a long running joke throughout my life and into adulthood about "do you have to pee before we go?"

I may also have inadvertently surrounded myself with camels that never need to go, darn people.

When I go shopping I almost always need to use the restroom at some point especially if I am going to be staying and shopping and when the bathroom is dingy, disgusting uninspiring it doesn't leave me with a great "let's shop here feeling"

So anyways.... the bathroom needed a major overhaul.

Refresher, this is what we started with


and now this is what I finished with

keeping in mind there in no natural light in this room so photographing is a smidgen awkward.

trevor installed a driftwood vinyl click flooring right over the existing peel and stick standard white floor and we added simple white mdf baseboard. 

i painted the walls in my favourite black wall paint that i used in our downstairs hallway, sherwin williams black magic.

when i first painted this room the fluorescent lighting was still on the ceiling and made the room look like a tomb but as soon as trev installed the recessed lighting and barn light over the mirror it got the elegant black feeling i was going for.

the sink was just an mdf built in place counter with an insert so to save money but, up the wow factor i skim coated the existing counter with concrete and sealed it for wear and tear as this is our only source of water.

i replaced the faucet on the sink for some height and a little bit more appeal.

the toilet paper holder and towel rack are made of galvanized pipe to match the wheelchair accessible handbars. the little chair gives the ladies a place to set their purse.

the sign in the middle of the gold frame is a collection of fun art that i am offering in the store but this saying speaks to me a little bit so i attached it with washi tape right to the wall for an informal art piece.

these lockers are OLD. not just kind of old but OLD. they have the original wood back on them and they had plenty of years of random things and bugs stuck to them when we found them. we used a skill saw to cut down the back to reduce the depth to fit right in beside the sink and now store mops, garbage bags etc inside and they make a hell of a bang when opened so i know if someone is taking a snoopsy inside my bathroom

now obviously this orchid doesn't live in here but all photos need some kind of life to them. i just love the orchids and all plants really in these industrial norah vases made from rippled galvanized metal. i would take them all home if i could but alas then what would my customers buy?

a little detail of the concrete countertops. rough and smooth all in one but definitely gives a more contemporary up to date feel.

So, now do you have to pee?


Have a great weekend everyone


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