Where does the time go I say?

Good morning everyone! almost afternoon I suppose.

Was Christmas here? Good grief I seemed to have missed it.

Do Over!

We left Christmas up in the shop for about 2 weeks following the season for the sales that are sometimes the best part of shopping the holidays. A few of our regular customers were even finishing up next years shopping already. That's amazing organization as long as you don't forget what you bought or find it in the rafters next easter.

Last Sunday while I was at the shop I couldn't take it anymore and started ripping the Christmas trees and ornaments that were left (surprisingly and thankfully not many) down a day ahead of our planned tear down. The couple customers that came out in the poor weather were in for a disastrous treat but all seemed to offer their services to help decorate.  Maybe we should start turning tear down into a party lol.

Anyways after the tear down, reorganization, unpacking, pricing, wine, and vietnamese food (Pho Dau Bo Fonthill people, yummy) there is a new store again all cleaned up and ready to jump start a new season of decorating. 

In my opinion this season is also your home's chance to really shine. This is the season where there isn't a holiday to decorate for, no extra bling to add, no shells gracing the tables, no wheat wreaths hanging on the door, nothing coming out of bins under the stairs. It is the time of year your home and the place you create for your family gets to shine. 

My advice, from me to you,

Make it your space, your place, your area to come home to at the end of the day and feel comfort.

Decorate for you and how you live, not your friend , your sister, or your mom.

do you love teal and red? make it work.

do you love white and natural? then kick the colour out.

Here's what we came up with in the shop for the beginning of the winter season.

the pallets that have really just been a backdrop or a place to hang this are now shelving and hold some or our shop neutrals and staples like those hobnail jars that everyone including us can't get enough of for their many uses.

our harmony on west soap line has relocated to the back drafting table in gorgeous apothecary jars and the turkish peshtemal towels have resurfaced in shop

pillow shelf no.1 is full of great neutrals with down inserts

another newbie for the season. our kitchen area has undergone a transformation. lots of mugs and kitchen basics to choose from on our new industrial shelves. over the course of the last month jill and i have built 6 of these babies so we are thinking of starting a side business in shelf building as we are now masters at it.

i found this antique cubby at a pick about a month ago and it now holds our provisions food company line of preserves and shortbreads. organized and tidy with a touch of industrial

ah.... the front of the shop. we have cleaned up the floor as it was driving me mad having everything all over and this large antique table now holds pride of place with lots of shop goodies.

and for local followers the paddywax apothecary line that got wiped out in 2 weeks is fully stocked up again

And now we get to the reason I started ripping things apart on Sunday. I couldn't wait anymore for an idea that has been brewing in my brain for over a month to bring to life.

This is the new arrangement bar in store. (i saw a store in california use that term so lest you think i coined it, i didn't but thought it a brilliant way to describe this)

I have made and conjured up tons of succulent planters, terrariums and general planting gorgeousness to bring any space to life and I am in love with the green.

the arrangement bar also includes our expanding live wall art collection. i mounted a few ferns back in august and they went over very well so i went overboard this time and made a whole wall including stag horn ferns, elk horn ferns and orchids.

you can also see empty shelves that are awaiting their new product lines to show up at our door.

and beyond my table of planters on the wall you can see these white hanging planters that i am ignoring as they all want to live in my upstairs hallway. i swear they told me that.

they are the perfect size for a 3.5" plant or to mount an airplant on top of.

Well that's it for today. I'm sure I will have more to share in the shop in the next few weeks.

We also have 1 little project left and I can share our basement space again


Trevor and I knocked that baby out and our space is back to normal. We are so excited!

Talk to you all soon,


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