Walking past the gum drops. Christmas shop tour part II

****just a reminder everyone, i took these photos the day after setup. we have since gone through almost 2 weeks of sales and an open house already so many items are sold or have been replaced by new goodies that are still arriving. as much as i would love to keep everything in stock for everyone certain items fly out the door as fast as this lady can find them and or find time to post them.***

To continue our meandering this morning. We are wandering past the pipe shelf and the swirly twirly gum drops to see the festive plantings and more rustic vintage.

a little in love with these lovely wood bird houses and felt birdies. great in a garland this time of year but kind of perfect any time of year if you think about it.

pots? what pots? oh mylanta we have pots. shelves full of them because i have a full blown problem. pot hoarding. little bit of a joke that any new store concept ideas if i need a new name could be called "f**king pots" cause we got 'em

you may notice that this tree in the center of the store is not a traditional red and green. i wanted to do something just a bit different with the vintage indigo blue and copper, plus it also gives a home for some of the xerographica air plants. just don't forget to water them still if you choose this approach.

and lastly another of my favourite items that came into the shop. these cute roly poly santas  came in 2 sizes and the paint is even perfectly chipped in some places making them actually look old.

Have a great day all,


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