to farmhouse or not to farmhouse, that is the question

Wow, Slacker. Last post July 15. So Sorry. My summer life just runs away from me and of course I have the "sun guilt" (when the sun is shining I must be outside at any time of the year, including when there is 5 feet of snow) However, that does not keep me from thinking about any future renovations that may be planned for the indoors once the days are short. I did do a little revamp on my dining room blending it more with the rest of the house and adding some "on-trend" grays.(pics to come) We are also thinking about changing our coutertops in the kitchen (finally) from the ugly purple and wood laminate to white Colonial granite. This leads me to my title. New counters, mean a new sink, undermount of course but, I want a farmhouse white sink and Trevor believes a sink should have 2 parts. Since he does most of the dishes(good man), he does have a huge say in this but, I believe he can be persuaded. Here are some inspiration shots found in blogland (notice the lack of divided sinks) The first 2 are really close to what I want including the traditional faucet.

these images are from a blog via another blog that I can't remember, so sorry can't give credit as this kitchen is gorgeous

image via Velvet&Linen

This next one is what I would LOVE to re-create for my dining room light fixture. SOON. Now if I could find a basket that big somewhere. Any ideas?????

image via Mary Bairstow Designs

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