Thrift Store Humour and Instagram

A few good things mostly thrifty silliness today. I am posting a warning at the beginning of this post. If you are not into a sense of humour, this post may not be for you.I came across the blog Young House Love yesterday. I was obviously living under a rock as it is a "biggie" blog and there is a lot of inspiration to be had. Yesterday however, they were the source of me having to change my clothes because I accidentally spit my coffee on myself from laughing.

Anyone who knows me, knows my sense of humour runs right around the ridiculous meter. It's a slim line though. I could watch Superbad and Paul multiple times and still be the loudest laugh in the room (easily lol). I can't hear the tv half the time while watching 2 Broke Girls. Dumb and Dumber still makes me happy,  but when you start throwing in the "poo" humour I turn things off. American Wedding, you know the part, it ruined the end of the movie for me. Hall Pass? yuck. Bridesmaids? love the movie, left the room.

That list could go on and on but onto the source of the new clothes. Young House Love is having a Macklemore thrift shop challenge. You know I can't resist anything thrifty. It's called Pickerista syndrome. So then I thought what's a Macklemore? This is a Macklemore. 

This is the cleanish version but come on, we know what they're saying. This video is hilarious, to me. If you don't like white rappers or crude language don't push play.

Wow so I apologize if the same thing happened to you.

I was so excited I even instagramed this video in the midst of laughter. Did you notice that happy new plugin on my sidebar? I post moments from our life a little more frequently than the blog and interesting things that may not warrant a full post. Get to know us a little better.

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Have yourself a delightful laughter filled day.
It's still freezing here in Canada.
Almost time to start longing for spring.


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