The Mind boggles there could be more.

Our basement reno has been in progress for 3 years. There are still bits and pieces to finish but the basic setup and of course finishing details are in place, (before the middle pieces haha).
This space has been decorated for Christmas as well, with a nature simple theme compared to upstairs. Our tree in the basement is a real scotch pine. I'm kind of excited as it is my first real tree since being a little girl.

behind the tree is an antique wine press

the trunk was one of the first things Trevor and I bought as a couple 11 years ago. the tripod lamp I made out of an old surveyor tripod bought on Ebay

all of the brick seen in the pictures was installed by Trevor and our friend Dustin. the fireplace was installed at least 3 times in the process of the renovation. the fireplace light is another homemade project. we found the silver part at an antique market and were told it was the top of an industrial coffee grinder

some unconventional stools. the library ladder in between the chairs was one of Trevor's find in a favorite antique haunt.

our niche. i must have re-redecorated this 20 times until I got "the feeling"
to the right of this photo and in the photo below is a large cast iron pillar with a glass top and 2 chairs around it. to do: find 2 more junky sturdy chairs and change glass top to marble. this is to be our games table

this side of the room got an antique persian rug, the other side awaits its jute rug.

the lights are made from 90 year old mercury glass x-ray shades. although we DIY'd this, the bent pipe had to be done in a factory. i love how these lights turned out.

this media unit was a wood bar in Trevor's grandparents home. I stripped it down and we installed the metal meshing to make electronic use easier.

this area still needs some love. this loveseat is a stand-in from our previous house until we find "the sofa" look real close and you can see the duct tape on the floor marking the sofa length.
we are still waiting to find that right thing to hang above.

Trevor's nutcracker collection sits atop some vintage suitcases.

other to dos:
finish bar area(not shown as not done), install countertop with sink and bar faucet
install wine cellar
change main door to antique door

so close........

Have a great night!


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