The Master bedroom

Why not I say, start with After pictures of the Master bedroom. (the befores are that shameful. luckily not for me but the previous owners)
This room got ripped apart first, I needed some zen as a lot of our house needed and still needs some work.
The gray/purple/green/brown/ blue (I am not kidding) carpet had to be junked, as well as the olive green walls looking like mud and 5.00 ceiling fixture with twirly cool white CFL. Obviously didn't read the style rule book about not putting those in chandeliers as THEY ARE UGLY. mud walls and blue light. super relaxing. The before pics show a ceiling fan but that was swiped in their move.
our new tub stand from previous posts

I have a huge thing for buddhas, as I keep mentioning but my husband and I drove in an absolute snow blizzard to Buffalo (1 hour from home) to a Pier 1 to get this white buddha on sale plus a coupon and already significanly cheaper than the Canadian Pier 1. Dedication to our home.
Not what he thought that night.

Only thing left to do in this room is change all the door hardware to Satin and dispense with the gold chippy knobs. A good fall project for the upstairs I think.


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