The fall mantel today and through the years.

Hey all.

It's time for a mantel post for the new season.

It's seriously one of my favourite parts of adding seasonal touches to our home. This monster mantel allows for the mother of all vignettes every season and since I don't really "do" sparse, it lets my little heart just indulge.

On the heels of our living room change up i didn't go total harvest style with our fall decor this year as I was saying and instead let the tones speak to the season. 

I did however totally get sucked into an instagram story by Young House Love with those damn gingko leaves from Crate and Barrel and ended up with 2 of them myself because it was one of those, I NEED THOSE IN MY LIFE moments.

the full view including the never changing tigers by local artist Edward Spera. loads of natural tones, mixed metals and bits of our african decor.

although there aren't a whole pile of pumpkins and wheat up here i am still enjoying the motif for fall. i added the giant metal leaf fronds i picked up at Terrain when we were there.

gives you a shot of how the mantel plays out in the whole room. it takes up the whole end wall of the room and is visible the minute you walk in our front door.

my mom scooped me some of that lunaria; the white sea shell stem looking stuff from her neighbour and it adds a bit more neutral texture to one of our collected trophies

On this year's mantel, textural pot with snake plant, calathea plant, squirrel figurine, old books, and deer statue are all Oliver and Rust store items.

the gingko stem. the leaves look so real when not standing right beside them and are the perfect shade for fall decor. i added another in our bathroom which i will share in the coming days. i kind of feel like it's a happy yellow i will want to pull our for spring as well so double season fun for my money is great.

I also thought it may be interesting to see the mantel arrangements of autumns past.

Below are last years and 2015's versions of our mantel. I still really love both of them and and the look of the pumpkins and wheat but it's nice to change it up a bit as well. All the pieces here have just found other homes in our autumn decor or stayed in their tote this year for something different.



So, how are you making your fall cozy for the season? 

Have a good day everyone,

Do something that makes you feel good today even if it's just saying hi to your neighbour, or having 10 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee/wine.



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