The big HUGE news and magic fairies

Hello friends!

It is the most gorgeous sunny perfect weather, I don't have to go to work because it is a holiday day ever here in Canada. I am sitting in one of my chairs in the living room with a gentle breeze and birdsong in the background. A hot coffee and a talking cat walking around my living room. Oliver is probably a little more vocal because he had to spend half of yesterday in his room(so now he is in exploring mode) with his other cat buddy Sammy because they are shedding like bears right now. Now don't get all bundled up that I am leaving my cats locked up because they shed, I couldn't have hair floating around the house because it is the absolute cleanest it has ever been for my big HUGE news.


Yesterday in fact.

We were contacted by an editor about a week and a half ago and asked if I(we) would like to be apart of their Houzz tours. The screaming and whooping commenced as I was calmly trying to type out a professional sounding email. I forwarded the email to my mom and she whooped and screamed so much in a hotel room my dad came out of the shower to see what was wrong.


We got hooked up with our contributor Esther and lined up a date. Could we do it this weekend? which at that point was a mere 9 days away which to have our house ready is fine but they wanted the outside too. Holy toledo!


We have been working like rabbits getting everything ready, shoveling out 6 yds of mulch into the gardens, weeding, planting, dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, window washing. I called in my A-team (my super mom and always ready for everything brother) on Friday to help and they were awesome, allowing me to finish up little bits that needed tending.

 The shoot and interview was a lot of fun and there will be a lot of communication back and forth for sources etc. Esther was a little overwhelmed with the sheer amount of vignettes in our home to shoot and ran out of daylight trying to capture them all. She had mentioned that blogger homes are so fun to shoot because we love to talk about our spaces and have so many stories to go with everything. Darn right, I have hunted, DIYed and thrifted everything in our home. There is a back story some with funny characters to everything.

 I don't have an exact date for the tour to go live but some time in the next month. I will let everyone know closer to the date. I will be screaming it from the rooftops.

A lot of my friends aren't really housy people and the few I have told (don't want to jinx it) hadn't really heard of Houzz so trying to find a suitable example to explain how big an opportunity this is was difficult. It's like the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. WOW! (and I am not a hockey person)

And as I sit here this morning, I am wondering about that possibility of some magic fairies for hire to keep my house looking this amazing. I am being extremely proud of our home and loving it being this clean,tidy and quite frankly a little sexy haha.

My laundry room is never a disaster but it doesn't look like this with no clothes in either the hamper or the basket. I am just so caught up but seriously without little magic wings it will be back to socks caught in behind the washer and softener stuck to the lid.


I got the sexy striped linen towel from LinenMe  and it's mate found a home in our kitchen.

Well, that's it folks. I hope you will join me over at Houzz when it goes live and I hope you enjoyed your tour of our clean laundry room. That collection of irons really give you the impression that ironing happens in here doesn't it.

It doesn't.

Have a great Victoria day Canadians


Have a great Monday my other friends,


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