Target wreath customization

I love Target. Have I told you that before?

My American readers may not be aware that in Canada we did not have Target until about 3 months ago. The lucky few of us that live in border towns have been driving over the river to get our Target fix for many years but now for the most part can shop right near home.

I should mention that the stores US and Canada are extremely similar except the Canadian stores seem to be having trouble stocking their shelves with product and/or are much slower than their American counterparts.

I got very excited seeing some of the great Christmas decorations in the US store only to come home to purchase some of the items and find empty shelves.


Back to the US store I went and thought I would show you a few of the neat items they had.

The first item is a trio of felt wreaths that are attached with burlap ribbon. The set is 25.00 and has a ribbon on the top for hanging.

It was quite cute as is but the top bow had to go and I wanted the ribbon to be thicker so I cut some black upholstery webbing with moon shapes to fit snug to the wreath and hot glued them to the original ribbon.

I attached it our kitchen chalkboard as some simple holiday art.


i also scooped up one of these corn wreaths with glitter from the smith & hawken aisle for our front door.

Simple and natural holiday additions.

Have a great day,


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