Sunday: Christmas Styling and meeting blog buddies

Good morning!

On Sunday I traveled over the international bridge to Lewiston, NY at the request of my new live in person buddy Artie from the blog Color Outside the Lines.

He has the rightly deserved honour of designing a barn for the Lewiston Christmas tour of homes. However, instead of a home, he has to create a home in an old barn.

You wouldn't believe the transformation of the 4 walls into the luxurious setting it is today, not an easy task but he is handling it wonderfully.

It was so fun meeting someone I have been talking to online for awhile. Artie and I met via our blogs and then became insta-buddies. He was just as nice and fun to talk to in person. It is hard to find people with similar interests these days when we are all so stuck to our phones, computers and busy with life. I had a blast and loved seeing how "real" designers work.

My task at the barn? Helping style some large board shelves into a kitchen pantry style and then I wormed my way into doing the Christmas tree because who doesn't know my love for tree decorating. It's probably why I keep adding more to my home.

This is my completed shelf (iphone photos again, sorry). I tried to keep my usual talking to myself to a minimum as I don't usually style around other humans, just Milo and she's deaf now so doesn't mind.


these jars just needed their staples added


artie was just going to add a bit more plaid ribbon to this tree but it was sparkling in the corner.

this is a bit of the main room. see the fabulous textures he is bringing in? it is fantastic. see that coffee table, an antique industrial table? it may be mine after the tour!!! i'm so excited!

And just so you can get a bit more of a looksee into this space, i "borrowed" some of Artie's instagram photos to show you



What did I tell you amazing, right?

I had a bit of trouble explaining to the kind people at the border (the ones that ask the ridiculous questions) where I was all day and that I was coming home with only 2 cookies

They seemed to think house tours don't exist and who would be decorating for Christmas already? Seriously? What rock are they living under?

Head on over to Artie's blog if you haven't already seen it. Lots of ecelctic goodies!

Have a great one,


savvy southern style 

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