That Ikea commercial is the first thing that comes to mind when I feel like I practically stole something I really really wanted.

Do you see that trunk at the foot of my bed?

Garage Sale!

I have to say I have a real love/hate relationship with garage saling. Most of the time you spend 1.5-2 hours driving up and down streets following terrible signs and getting very little.

I was having one of those days and was calling defeat and driving to my mom's house and saw 3 sales right across from one another. What the hell, I thought I'm right here and there were no toys in sight.

The lady wanted 80 dollars for this trunk and I bargained her down a whole 5 dollars.

**late edit**: i noticed the day after this posted that everyone thought i pulled a genie and bought the trunk for 5 dollars. i bargained the lady down 5 dollars and paid 75 for it. i wish i was that smooth lol**
 This wasn't a 0.50 cent moment but these old wicker trunks retail around 350-400 dollars all the time. I had a shirt on with a lot of pineapples and it was generating a lot of happiness from all the women at this sale and all I wanted to do was pay and run. I was so excited after I paid, I ran across the street and just jammed it into my Jeep and sped away before she called me back.

the pillow on the chair (and the bed)  is made of antique barkcloth on both sides with 22" feather inserts. it is sewn closed so i cannot wash it but the pillows were 12.50 ea. you can't even buy the insert for that much never mind the antique barkcloth and time to sew it.


Two start the car moments within a week and a half of each other.



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