Spring welcome, come on in.

I mentioned the other day after I finished our spring mantel, that I finally got around to pulling out the greenery from Christmas in our urns and planters. I saw my thumb turn green, I swear. Of course that could have been the pine rubbing off on my skin after it was boiled out of the semi-frozen planter. Do you think it might be a smidge too early to stalk the nurseries for the best planter arrangements and price shopping for my favorite fillers?

Putting my favorite plants out of my brain for a moment, I made new arrangements for our front doors for a little "fake" colour while we wait for the real thing.

Our home lies next to a farmers field and the main door has no protection so our gale force winds in the spring, rainstorms and beating morning sun do a number on door arrangements year to year. Therefore, prerequisite of any door arrangement: CHEAP and NOT FRAGILE.

the boxwoods in our front urns are living wonderfully year to year ever since i figured out that cast iron changes the soil composition. i now plant them in plastic containers and cover them with dirt. little tip me to you.


a very simple arrangement. basil spanish moss with loads of yellow tulips and the sweetest blue-green bird


 same thing for the other door and a little happiness for the urn as well

So what else did I do this weekend? Well since you asked. My mom found these wonderful 11 foot church pews online and had a great idea for her summer patio. (it runs in the family getting a season ahead of ourselves) I jumped on a similar bandwagon for our dining room. We spent a little bit of time cutting it down and getting it prepped for a paint job.

The reveal is coming soon I swear.  

It's feeling very light and fresh with spring decor around here.

What did you do this weekend?


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