Spring on the main floor, living room and front foyer edition.

See, I told you it may not be tomorrow. I was planning to write Tuesday night when I got home but what do you know, my drive took us past a lovely little Mexican restaurant and it wasssss cinco de mayo, soooooo.
I chose tacos and margaritas over you.
Can you forgive me?
I mean I meant to have a burrito but since I already had those twice in the last week, tacos won. Yes, we are Mexican food fanatics.

Common question when meal planning for the week.
Me: What do you want for dinner this week?
Trevor: quesadillas
Franklin: Ruf!

Moving onto why we're all here. Some snazzy décor and plants.
Most notable change in the front hall is the removal of the Buddha fountain that has graced the little corner by the door for 6 years.
Seeing as a small but not tiny tank-like dog decided that since Oliver (the cat) can drink out of the fountain so can he.
Only problem is Oliver is gentle and delicate about his drinking, Franklin the bulldozer likes to knock all the stones off and cause the water to end up outside the fountain, under the floor and leaking down the wall into the basement.
So, rather than repaint the walls in the basement, donate one black bulldog back to the humane society and/or lose my mental sanity with the empty fountain sounds sucking wind, away it went for awhile until someone can be a little better trained with his fountain abilities.

I removed the birch branches that sit in the urn for the winter, made a top from a wine barrel and plopped the budda on top. instant statue. and since I am having a moment with succulents right now. I made 2 little planters for the area and if I forget to water them who cares, they love it.

gnome love is happening in the centre of the island. i finally secured myself one of these lovely green shirt gnomes. we had these in the store but they sold out in the first few weeks. anyone else have some serious gnome love? not the smiling odd gnomes, but the serious i'm guarding your home types.

when is too many green books too many green books? NEVER!

do your eyes deceive you? nope that is blue on my sofa. indigo blue to be exact (that botanical pillow looks so much brighter than it is because of the light). i am loving the combination of the greens and the indigo blue for spring. i brought the seed sack pillow that was on our patio last summer in to play with the inside pillows.

we got a great shipment (actually on the second shipment already) of these great galvanized vases. they come in so many sizes but this size makes my orchid look fantastic with a bit of green reindeer moss.
notable problem with being a shopkeeper. as I empty boxes of shipments,
1 for me 1 for the store. chaos I tell you. I also think that in a positive light some items are helpful to see in use to know what to do with them. so for my shoppers, it helps to get ideas.
(no judging, i made an excuse there and am fully aware of it, let me have that)

the "oliver" typewriter moved to this table with the microscope and became an industrial corner. swapped my seasonal lampshade to white and voila!

alright isn't this paint can amazing. i don't buy too much vintage online anymore as it is a full time job hunting for me now but this original paint can was just too perfect to pass
up on etsy.
the brass squirrel pair also just continues our collection.

trying to make a vignette work and something is just off? I love the little vase under the "cloche" but it wasn't holding it's own in this arrangement. it is the perfect size for a single bloom and with peony season coming it will get a lot of use. instead of my old standby of using book props I went into the vase cupboard (yes it is a whole cupboard) and grabbed a square one, flipped it over and now the little vase has presence. instant cloche!

I used ikea rugs as the backer for the chairs this season. we have white slipcovers which I love. i made these slipcovers but it was my first attempt and they are a smidge of a pain to remove so I put covers on the back of the chairs where the cats sleep. whip the rugs in the wash every so often and everyone stays happy.

Well everyone, have a fantastic day, and weekend for whenever I talk to you next.
Some of you I may see in the shop for your mother's day shopping.
It's supposed to be just lovely and warm for most of the weekend so the planting continues.



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