Spring Main Floor and a closed door

Was there a weekend that just passed? I am so tired as I type this from a long weekend and a super early start at the flea market this morning (I am writing this Sunday night). A lesser known fact about me unless you live with me, I am NOT a morning person. They are pretty and all with the glow and birds chirping but I prefer to start my day after the clock says 8-0-0!  I don't need to know there is a second 5 o'clock in the day. As a person that now needs to pick early garage sales and flea markets, it takes adjusting and a lot of coffee (black of course)
I can't even socialize with someone asking me what shoes they should wear that early....ahem Trevor!
Thursday and Friday were spent working furiously on painting pieces for the show, doing inventory and getting terrible chinese food Friday night (every had that happen? total piss off when you drive the 15 min home and realize they gave you the wrong items and decided to put a new yucky spin on the food) We made some good progress with further garage renovations Saturday, and I had a frustrating milk paint experience that I am working on fixing (details and info to come in case this happens to you) and a delightful dinner Saturday night with sangria.

Enough chatter about things, today we are going to walk through our living room decked out for spring and what is that? A closed door! That's right peeps, no more sneak peeks of the bathroom as we wait for taps, as anything I show you now will just give away the goods I am uber proud of. It is looking quite fantastic. My dad was in awe. On that note, the faucet company has come back to work after Passover to let me know that the actual manufacturer of the taps has had a delay and they aren't even made yet. Sometime in the next 2 weeks or so. Eye-yeh-yeh with the reno delays!

Welcome to the main floor with lots of photos.

the new pillow collection for spring. left to right: green botanical (hot house flowers in verdance by celerie kemble), black and white trellis (i think this fabric was from hobby lobby), black botanical (available in etsy shop soon), white euro pick shame (pottery barn a few years ago), yellow silk lumbar (vintage fabric, also avail in etsy soon), green velvet (here), black and white stripe (ralph lauren vintage black)

so i know i already show this angle and photo but i just thought it was cute and funny how oliver jumped into the shot and was pretending to be my stylist.

"are we sure we like the angle? is there too much light here?"

i don't often climb into this corner to take photos of this angle but thought it showed off the colours working together and the different patterns that are working together from each aspect of the room. i think i am going more neutral for summer but am enjoying the texture and colours for spring.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to bed but Good Morning to you!

See you tomorrow all,


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