Spring Hallway and a [review]

Oy to the vey with the crazy weather this week.

Trevor and I raced home after work Tuesday and cleaned all of the long overdue Christmas decor down outside the front of our home. I figured that before I try how to make the brown needles look like hay for the rabbits and shape my Christmas balls into easter eggs maybe I should try to take the high road and just clean everything up. Trevor was completely stoked as he got to try out the new blower he picked up on Kijiji to blow down the driveway and then porch and wherever else he found a speck of dirt. It was funny to see how happy he was with that. Wednesday went from 12 degrees C to -13 degrees C and we got a friggin foot of snow. There were cars stuck everywhere and frustrated cranky people to match them. I haunted Target that afternoon to check out the new spring line in peace away from the people in their cars. WOW! I ended up with a few new things including some wonderful soap pumps from the Threshold collection and a Nate Berkus rug. Still not sure if having a Target in Canada is a good thing as without a river and bridge in between me, there is nothing stopping from spending me hard earned money.

SO, even though there is crazy amounts of snow outside and tomorrow it is all going to melt into a ridiculous mess, it is really starting to look like spring inside.

One of my awaited fabrics arrived yesterday and I whipped it up into a pillow for the upstairs hallway and took a few photos to show you the progress.

the grain sack lamp in its new home. i am looking for an amazing green and white piece of fabric something vintage to replace my african kubu cloth for the spring and summer time hanging on the wall

the birch poles that live in the urn got replaced with a fresh boston fern. the fabric on the pillow is by Duralee the Roberta winter fabric. lovely long tailed birds. i got quite a bit so the etsy shop and show should see some of this.

and continuing with the bird theme. my little taxidermy bird moved from the other end of the hall to here to keep the white japanese birds company

[review] a few months ago the people from Rug Pads USA contacted me to see if I would like to try some of their rugs pads for under 1 of the myriad of rugs that are in our home and i definitely said  yes. our cats treat our antique and kilim rugs like speed take off pads and most of the time i bend over multiple times per day to move the rugs back into position. i have tried rug pads from local stores but most of them were really thin and didn't stay in position. they moved with the rug when tiny feet went over them at 55 miles an hour.

i received 2 different types to try. this pad shown is a thick version of the ones i have previously tried and i have to say after 2 weeks this pad is staying place and so is the rug.

it is the super lock non-slip rubber mat and the other we received for our kitchen lilim rug is the eco solid organic rug pad

they are also providing more comfort to walk on and actually making vacuuming easier. so i'm quite pleased and if you are having rolled up issues yourself, check out Rug Pads USA.

don't mind the wonky edge on this pad. my rug is misshapen and old (i love it) so i had to give the pad a trim. it came in perfect straight lines and excellent condition.

i also changed up the vignette at the other end of our hallway to display some of the pewter and galvanized pitchers i have collected. nice and simple collected style.

I am ready for spring and our home is almost there. Bring on the buds and blooms!

Can't wait to share the rest of your home soon!

Have a great day,


**i received 2 rugs pads to test out in my own home prior to publishing this review. all thoughts and positive opinions are my own**

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