Spare Bedroom Reveal: The room that got painted twice

Yep, you read that right. I painted this room the week before Christmas. I bought the test pots of the colours I was considering, painted them on the walls in multiple spots and chose wisely. Right? Soo wrong! The colour I chose was Sherwin Williams First Star and it looked on the chip and test swatch like a light grey. It went on the walls, I did all the trim which had not yet been done in this room. I added all the stuff back in, fought with a DIY curtain rod from hell and holy crap the room was BLUE. SKY FRICKIN'BLUE!
My absolute least favourite colour decor wise. I shouldn't even say least favourite as it doesn't belong on a favourite list it belongs on the most disliked list instead.

I like it up in the sky where it belongs not on my walls. I'm sorry if you love light blue, we can still be friends just not on the same team lol. Goes to show you even us bloggers can totally screw it up sometimes. 

Well anyways, Christmas came and went so I couldn't pull the room apart again. I was making the effort to like it but it's like a scab once you pick it, it just keeps on driving you nuts. Family that wandered up there loved the colour but it just wasn't what I was looking for, she says ahem ..... obviously as you just ranted about it for the last 5 minutes.

Back to the drawing board. I stared at the chips in the white folder from Sherwin Williams but none of them were striking me. All were looking too yellow, too blue and quite frankly I was just not feeling it. I went and grabbed my Benjamin Moore chips and found my favourite chip set. The one with Baby Fawn, old faithful White Dove and settled on Dove Wing OC-18.

Warning this is a load of picture and a load of yapping post.

I had the people at the Sherwin Williams store colour match it as I am really loving the Sherwin Williams paint and wanted to continue using it.

Therefore welcome to our newest space. The spare bedroom and garden room. 

I made my own set of botanicals from plants I pressed back in October in one of our book presses. I found a fantastic vintage floral fabric at a thrift store a few months ago and paired it with my favourite black and linen ticking on the bed.

The gallery wall that was here has been dispersed and replaced with a huge window and my collection of antique shoe forms. I made the shelves with Trevor and painted them the exact same shade as the walls. (yes that means I painted them twice too lol)

The shelves were super simple; cut, glue and nail. These were good directions if you were looking to make your own.

As you can see, I have collected quite a few and up until these shelves were up, they were all over the house. They now have impact and they look great all together. I found another really rare one on etsy but I have been waiting over a month to receive it from a not so communicative seller that will remain nameless here but I am slightly irked at their customer service skills especially when I am also a seller and know the work and effort I put in to keep people happy.

The black and white photo on the top clipboard is a photo of my father in laws grandfather who was a shoe cobbler. Neat eh?

My little horticultural table of happiness. I have 5 orchids getting ready to bloom right now. My secret? Water and a cold house.

Seriously, I don't remember to fertilize them most of the time maybe twice a year. We keep our home cool and this room is farthest from the furnace. It stays cool at night and cool-warm during the day and gets great afternoon sun. Bada boom blooms!

The curtains here are Restoration Hardware baby & child black and white ticking on a diy electrical conduit rod with ends that were apart of the footboard of the new bed.

The first of the bloomers just started opening last week.

I found this book last week in an antique shop. The title and colour was a no brainer.


So I looked around for the way to properly label botanicals to no avail and actually found an etsy seller that had prints of her original botanicals. I used her description to make my labels. I tea stained the paper, added the plants all sourced from our yard with some glue and filled out the labels I made. I used simple clip frames as I wanted the plants to be the focus and not the frames. I originally bought 6 from Michael's but they discontinued their line so I picked up the rest at Hobby Lobby in the states.

Oh yes I did. A BRASS BED.

I sent Trevor to pick up this baby and he thought it was a win win because if I hated it, it was worth what we paid in scrap. I know horrors but.....

I loved it.

The duvet cover is Hudson's Bay caribou line from my parents for Christmas. I have had to wash it a few times and it just keeps getting softer and softer.

I found the old thread holder at an estate sale. It was still attached to the sewing desk in the basement where it had been for about 50 years. We had to blow off the lint and use a screwdriver to get it off but I wasn't leaving that house without it.

A closer look at the drapes and the neat burlap tiebacks I found at Hobby Lobby.

Oh and did you notice the fantasimo new old industrial light fixtures. Yup sent Trevor to pick that sucker up too. Good grief I took advantage of his good nature and his direct path by some of the people on Kijiji selling good junk. In all fairness he found these and showed them to me so that was the first mistake because he knew that I would love this light.

Hey you made it to the end.

Well what'd ya think. Are you a plant hoarder like me?

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