Shuffling of a Gallery Wall

Happy Monday in blogland.
Last week sometime, I don't exactly remember when, I was walking by our gallery wall in our upstairs hallway and got an urge to do the shuffle. Not the dancing kind but the moving things around kind. Our upstairs gallery was strictly black and white photographs and mostly African artwork. I decided to blend it into the rest of house a bit more with the vintage portraits and add some of my large gold frames that I love so much.
I picked up a pair of gold portraits on Kijiji a few weeks ago and you know my love of random folks with their stories in gold frames.

I pulled some pieces off the wall, moved some holes, did a little windexing and this is what I came up with.

i added the brass dust tray on the ledge to make a trio of brass and pull them together in a triangle for visual purposes

and for visual purposes the before and after. the before is a bit of a dark photo from a few years ago but it gives you the feel of the more layered look in the after.

Well have a great day everyone,


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