Running Behind

I have kind of felt like the person running to catch the bus they missed this week. Our earliest dinner was 9:30, it has been nuts. After a large gathering last weekend and quite a few in our immediate future, I just plain ran out of time Thursday to do my normal etsy listings. C'est la vie!

I did make some headway with my Christmas wrapping this week however, and am loving some of the papers I found at Target for Trevor's and my presents. Every year we/I pick a paper each so we don't have to tag each others. Our presents go under our basement tree where we snuggle up on Christmas morning. I found a great vintagey paper with little bambis and santas and he got dancing santas on green paper.

I'm done my holiday shopping though so that is a relief. Are you done?

I have had a lot of patients this week that seem to be in denial that Christmas is coming. Many haven't started and that just stresses me out for them.

Last minute gift ideas or entertaining supplies needed?

The shop got a late Friday night update with some neat stuff.

I can't guarantee delivery for Christmas at this point but you can always treat yourself to something nice for all of your hardwork and paper cuts with the damn shiny paper.

I am also getting back to my sewing machine soon with some wonderful new and vintage fabrics for pillow covers that will be appearing in the soonish future.

We are due to get another giant pile of snow today so I will be gathering myself at home baking and yoga-ing

Have a great day,


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