rearranging art and a new year

it's 2017 and a fresh start to a new year.

maybe i'll blog more, maybe i won't. i always intend to but my request for more time in the day has yet to be approved. 

i also have high hopes for getting our real online store up and running. i guess we'll see what this year brings.

i love putting up the christmas decor early and enjoying it throughout the season but come new years makes an appearance, i can't wait to take it down and start fresh.

optimistic about the new season and the new year. i usually start late one night, drink in hand and totes on the floor. carefully wrapping and stuffing everything back into its home for the year.

in the midst of winter in our part of canada it isn't time to decorate for spring by any means so our home can just be itself with no real holiday or seasonal schtuff. the vignettes are simpler, the plants definitely take centre stage and lots of cozy throws and blankets.

back when we were in the midst of christmas sparkle and waiting for baby Emma to arrive, Trevor bought himself a gigantic new very old map that really only had 1 spot we could hang it in our house in the basement. this put our antique metal cigarette sign out of a home that had been hanging down there.

although EVERY DAMN time we move something Trev tries to con me into taking it to the shop to sell [and sometimes it works because thats the life we lead] 

i really love the colours in this sign so this time it didn't work and i wandered around with a 5 foot sign and large stomach trying to find a home for it.

i had wanted to redo our gallery wall upstairs that has remained the same for 6 years [horrors i know, something i left alone for such a long time] so i just yanked everything off the wall one night and started over. some call this nesting but i know it is just my brains way of staying focused. pull something apart and begin again. even in the shop when making displays, i have to clear everything off an area and start over.

this gallery wall had no rules, no taping paper to the wall which i probably totally should have done but i'm pretty happy with the final product. i will likely tweak it a bit as 1 area is not jiving perfectly in my mind.

here's what it looked like the last few years

and here's where i ended up.

not incredibly different but a little more richness. i don't know whats up with me lately but the super plain is no longer really working for me. i am craving more texture and rich tones. it can even just be metallic but more than just black and white.

it isn't perfect but i love it.

i took quite a few pieces down and removed the shelf that was in the middle. i added some textiles which i am enjoying but not sure how long i will leave them up there for.

and of course the cigarette sign has a happy home at the top

Have a great day everyone


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