Rain, Sun, Dirt, Mustard Seeds and some shopping

Good morning!

What a gorgeous weekend this was.

 A great thunderstorm to watch Friday night as dinner entertainment and a very sunny productive Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday started with me checking my phone for email and then whooping after reading a few emails from lovely people saying they found me from Miss Mustard Seed's blog.

What the....?

I ran surfed right over there and there were 2 of my personal milk painted pieces right in one of her blog posts and on facebook.

The power of the mustard seed my friends. Traffic has been constant all weekend and I am honoured to have been mentioned by her.

Welcome to all my new blog friends.

For the remainder of the weekend Trev and I got in a little together time and did a lot of digging and some shopping for my etsy shop and show.

Some of the treats we found:

the boards they are sitting in front of are going to become something fun very soon if I can get my toosh in gear to get the rest of my supplies


would you check out the size of that gourd. it'll be great for fall decor.


another witch hazel bottle for my collection of witch hazel bottles.


Here's the digging part of our weekend

Little progress report kind of.

The garden behind our garage has been a scrambly mess since we moved in, so last weekend Trevor got a bee in his bonnet to chop all the shrubs down forcing our hand to do something about a new garden layout and plants.

I plan to show the whole thing when it is fully done but for now,


the garden was covered in hundreds of rocks that needed moving and relocating. we still have 3 buckets left over if anyone is interested. 


a bit of reshaping from the straight line that was there. we bought a few new plants yesterday and have added them and moved that korean lilac in this photo. 

it was a quiet night at home last night with both of us practically falling asleep sitting up 9

Anyone else do something exciting this weekend?

Have a great day,



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