Pom Pom Wild!

Awhile back, like before Christmas, I was perusing the Anthropologie catalogue and fell in love like so many others with the yarn wreath. I also like many others thought that I might have to sell my soul to pay the price that they wanted especially because I knew I could make it myself.

I grabbed some of the fisherman wool in two tones from Hobby Lobby and went to wrapping. These pom poms could get addicting. I could stick the things everywhere. Of course the resulting puff of fuzz everywhere may eventually deter me.

The first one was made from a cream wool hanging on the antique door in our bedroom with a brown and white grosgrain ribbon bow. I made the pom poms in different sizes for some randomness.

 The second wreath is hanging on the door to our main floor bathroom. I'm only showing you the door right now because I did some re-arranging and haven't quite finished to show you the details yet. I used the same ribbon as upstairs and I love how snuggly this one looks. If a wreath could be snuggly, this one is right in there.

I made these and then realized I should have taken pictures along the way for a tutorial.

I also realized the iso on my camera was set higher. whoops, you'll forgive me! 

This lady made very similar wreaths and her tutorial is pretty much the same as what I did except I used a crystal light box to wrap my yarn around.

Have yourself a pom pom filled day,


Jen Rizzo Pom-Pom Party 

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