Plate Rack Kitchen DIY

Back into the kitchen.

Were you able to spot the next change in the kitchen from this photo in Monday's Ikea Cart makeover?

Trevor and I built a plate rack on the end of our kitchen cabinet in the space previously occupied by a little chalkboard. I really needed somewhere to store and easily access without the precarious stacking, my ironstone platters and breadboards.

I was also a good little blogger and took photos along the way to give you a basic idea of how we accomplished this in case you also have a need for somewhere to store your plates and platters.

okee dokkee, first we needed to remove the trim around the door frame so that the plate rack could be mounted flush to the door. we trimmed the top trim to allow the plate rack to fit snug in between the cupboard and trim.

 we used plain pine boards in 1x4 and 1x3's

the sides were cut to length in the 1x4's and then we added a 30 degree angle cut at the top for flare so that it didn't just end. the shelves were cut out of the 1x3's so, that their depth was smaller than the long pieces. (i studied a lot of photos on Pinterest and other blogs to see how these racks look generally)

we figured out the measurements of the spaces in between the shelves. double check and recheck that everything is level with a square

we used a nail gun to attach the shelves to the side supports

the bottom shelf was made out of 1x4 not 1x3 so that it looked more polished. you will note that the bottom shelf in this photo is actually 1x3. someone, ahem Trevor was so excited to be finished this project he forgot i said the bottom was supposed to be the 1x4's. it was yanked out and fixed right after this photo. after we had a built frame we attached it to the wall and cupboard with the nail gun.

i gave the shelf 2 coats of white primer and  then 2 coats of the same paint as our cabinets (Benjamin Moore White Dove in case you are curious)

instead of the traditional wood strapping to hold the plates in, i wanted it to be a bit more industrial so, i used galvanized metal strapping. i aged them by using muriatic acid with proper safety precautions and attached them directly to the shelf.

are you wondering what the crate underneath is about?

it is of course decorative but, we actually had to build the plate rack to certain specifications because Sammy (cat #1) sits on this crate to watch me prepare dinner and Trevor clean up. if we removed this box he would be under my feet much more and whacking my leg every time i opened a can.


i am also still and always a fan of the mixed metals in decor. i have the brass and galvanized towel bar on the cart so to attach the metal straps, i used brass screws.


I am really loving the addition and loving not worrying about smashing my plates together.

A simple project with a big result. I love getting more organized, how about you?

Have a great day,


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