Pinterest Inspiration: September 2013

Holy snapping turtle, September is over and October is here!

Fall is upon us and amazing. We have had some quite beautiful weather and since I tend to hang outside or in my garage, it's keeping me happy having the sun on my skin.

I am on 4 day countdown, so you will excuse me if this is my last post of the week and probably until next week. I am also putting my etsy store on vacation today as some of the stock is going into the show to move some old stock but it would be horrible for 2 people to buy the same thing.

I plan on sleeping next Sunday all day and then moving on Monday

A little inspiration to leave you with for today's post from the month of September,

FleaingFrance Brocante Society The detail of the table!!! 


Scout and Nimble blog house tour via Primitive and Proper series 


this house tour is from the blog scout and nimble and is wonderfully eclectic and was featured in the eclectic series at primitive and proper

Chalkboard walls in a shop 


warm + collected 


they had me at gallery wall

love her whole home. black and white tile floor 


 this laundry room is fantastic and i want that floor. the blog isn't a regular poster but great home posts nonetheless

My Sweet Savannah: ~finding fall home tour with better homes & gardens~ simple chalkboard wall and typewriter table 


chalkboard walls are only getting better with age and i love the lack of writing on this one. so simple and moody. this home tour kills me. i should dedicate a pin board to melaine. i love her home and every season gives a new reason to love.

Fortune Cookie Wisdom: Success #quotation #inspiration #quote #success 


my best girlfriend and i have been talking a lot about this lately. it seems a bit of a struggle especially when you feel like you chose the wrong work field but this quote reminds us that we choose our success' and must hold ourselves accountable. only we can make ourselves miserable, if we don't like what we are doing change and figure something else out.


Sarah Gray Miller Upstate New York Home - Decorating with Collections - Country Living


i'm not sure if the editor of country living magazine knows this yet but i am moving in with her and mr.chips. her home is amazing, quirky, collected and industrial. I LOVE IT!

Well, that's it for today folks,

Have a great week and wish me luck,


What I'm listening to:

The 400- Stars

Heart's Content- Brandi Carlile   

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