Pinterest Inspiration: May 2014

Alright so let's pretend it is June 1st and I didn't have a total brain fart and forget about the monthly inspiration.

Yeah, no since I told you about it I forgot, remembered right in the middle of a patient and gave a snarl laugh. Scared the hell out of the guy.

You can imagine right, rooms quiet, lady with mask on over your head with a fan blaring full blast, light in your face and sharp pointy tools in your mouth pulling at your sore gums because you flossed like an idiot that morning thinking you would fool your hygienist and she gives a snarl laugh right out of the hobbit.

Anyone else nervous?

He would also not have been interested in the reason seeing as it was a totally girl reason about home decor and blogs.

Anywho, now that you have been reminded to floss your teeth for your entire body health let's get inspired.



eclectic, white, colour, painted table. LOVE!

Number Fifty-Three: Vintage Modern Painted Hutch {& AT Feature) 


amazing paint job so simple, so chic. the ironstone collection is to die for. the traditional pieces against the modern hutch. perfect combo. i believe my comment on this blog was something like, holy poo on toast.......

.love the photography of this painted desk 


 gorgeous photography on this lovely desk

Sweet Angel Vine ~  one of my fav's.  Love the tiny white flowers. 


i love angel vine or maidenhair vine. i see it at every show we go to in the states. does anyone local know where i can get a lot of this????? i have checked connon nurseries, stevensville, the watering can, country basket, vermeers. any ideas?

 well done gilding, looks natural


i know this is another furniture piece but the gilding on this piece is so well done. it looks totally natural and aged.

the Polished Pebble: Container Gardening: Pretty Perennials 


white flowered window box 

Have a great day everyone,


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