Pinterest Inspiration: August 2013

Onto the bottom end of the year.

3 1/2 months until Christmas. Just sayin'

This month's inspiration via the world of Pinterest

The Farmhouse Porch: Rustic and Simple Autumn Entryway 


a simple fall entryway perfect for the coming season


a great farmhouse tour was with this lovely kitchen

Living Vintage Kim's Kitchen Makeover (5) 


i enjoy the industrial vintagey-ness of this kitchen and the green farmhouse lights

Shabby Chic Kitchen 


Beautiful Centerpiece for your Fall garden table. Learn how to create your own at 


If I replace the barrel  


i really love this french island and could consider this with useful storage if we were to replace our barrel

 Shed Makeover by The Wood Grain Cottage


this was a really great shed makeover at the wood grain cottage. simple and country

Now head my warning and advice with this.

If you have ever dragged your significant other into ridiculous situations buying things from Kijiji or Craigslist, if they give you the "you're on my dig you under the tomato patch so they'll grow better next year look", or if they for some reason start telling the "do you remember the time we had to carry the 300lb armoire down the steps of an apartment and almost died or the time we almost got knifed by the eerie toothless smokers" stories then this next pin is for you.

I didn't actually find this through Pinterest but have now added it to my board and have spent a ridiculous amount of my non-existent free time reading through the absolutely hilarious blog that is Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

I swear I am in love. Her writing style brings tears to my eyes with such a splendid dry sense of humour.

Antique Victorian mirror on craigslist.


Have a wonderful laugh filled weekend everyone,


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