Paris Grey dresser looking for new home with nice people

Well inevitably when I start moving furniture about something will be misplaced. The pine cupboard that I love love that came home with me and I shared yesterday booted out another piece of furniture that needs a new place to live.

The paris grey dresser I redid in our spare bedroom is now homeless. I added it into the show and although struck up a lot of interest is still living in my garage for the moment.

Therefore against my lovely metal wall it went for its own chance at the spotlight.

Just in case you missed the post last year, this piece was done with #anniesloanchalkpaint in paris grey with a white wash of paint and dark wax applied sparingly.

and here is where it was living last year

and just because I had one commenter that asked so nicely lol, a peek inside my ridiculous cupboard of pillow covers.

ha even monogrammed it in case you wanted to steal my pillow cover photo .

and yes i am seeking counselling on the cover hoarding issue.

If you know anyone looking for a lovely grey dresser, please send me an email. 

It will go up on Kijiji shortly so it will be a snooze you loose situation.

Have a great day,


miss mustard seed
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