On Dasher, On Prancer

I've wanted to try printing on fabric for quite some time and then while perusing Hometalk one day, I came across a wonderful tutorial. I used her graphics and everything.

Check out her tutorial here on her blog: The Graphics Fairy.

While I loved the embroidery hoop idea, I did not realize the wood hoops would be so hard to find around me and I didn't feel like making the trip to Michaels. All of the other stores carry the awful plastic fluorescent (yup hot pink, neon green etc) ones and that was not happening here.

Plan B: Helping my current obsession with vintage brass, I had an old metal frame (the smaller one) and a new hammered metal frame from Pottery Barn that was majorly on sale the other day. I used linen I had on hand and voila. Christmas Reindeer art.

Probably spruce these up with owls after the holidays, as that seems to be another favorite I am harboring. Those birds are just so quirky.

**FULL DISCLOSURE: I had to feed this through my printer probably 15 times to get it to work twice. It didn't love the idea of printing on fabric and I had to keep yanking it out of the machine. My stubborness prevailed! Me-2 Technology-13. Alright so technically the damn printer still won but, I got what I wanted so it was not a total wash.

I think I will plan to sleep after the holidays. For now, this DIY crafting bug has me stuck.

Are you making anything amazing lately? Anthro-wool wreath anyone?

Have a great day,


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