Oliver and Rust pillow happenings

This has been a fun week with the reveal finally of our finished dining room and showing how I used my favourite colour via Miss Mustard Seed on a new buffet.

I thought I would pop in today and share this amazing find I came across in a local antique store. Multiple finds actually. This lady has a whole room jammed full of vintage fabric. I mean jammed/stuffed and mushed. I almost feel sad for the fabric but it also means that I get it a smidge cheaper and have to break out an iron. I only had time to pull out these 2 but I will be going back to hunt for more.

The first one was this amazing blue irish botanical linen. It is so pretty it makes me want to add more blue to my house. Almost. I did add some of this in our bedroom though.

sometimes i find these linens look just as amazing wrong side out which is what i did with this one. i love the vintage feel of it this way. fantastico!


ah right side out and still gorgeous. i bought a lot of this so i can make custom sizes or multiples if you are interested. send me an e-mail or convo me through the shop

this is the nicest toned barkcloth i have seen in awhile. some of them are just a little crazy in colours. this has an emerald green in it the exact colour of that boxwood ball i snuck into the picture

And while we are at it, some other neat new items that are popping up.


A sneak peek at some upcoming items not yet listed but they are coming soon......

Stop by and have a looksy. You never know what I scooped up for your house.

Have a good day,


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