Oliver and Rust: May 2015

Well, we're pooped.

It was a ram it through 3 days of binge junking. We came home with a whole truckload of goodies jammed right to the top.

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So for today on this lovely Victoria Day holiday, how about a tour around the store for the month of May after I did a rip apart again from a week ago. I added some great Texas sage standard trees to my displays and they are the perfect shade of grey.

you will also notice the amazing wooden mushrooms i was raving about when they came in. they are all unique and add amazing piece of nature to displays. these could work right from spring until fall for their versatility.

the cutest sets of coasters came in as well. each pack has either a different set of bees, flowers, owls or ferns

that concrete base that is up by the fabulous green garden chair. those are actually concrete stools. they have handles in the sides to move them around but they look equally fantastic as a pillar as i am using them. the poor delivery guy was dying lifting these off the truck

we also added these skid/pallet walls in the back corner. i am still brainstorming an idea for the other side. i don't want to use more pallets as it will start looking a bit junky but my brain will get there. the navy dresser that was here found a new home and i have actually already shuffled dressers since these photos were taken and now the grey provincial one sits here

our massive hardware spinner is almost ready and i can't wait to fill it with soon much more drawer hardware. my little mug stands worked well for a bit but they can't hold much.

do you also see that square boxwood wreath in the background. preserved and will last forever. the square ones are so hard to find which makes them a bit more unique in our canadian homes.

i switched out the ladder for a white one (which means the wood one is for sale now) just for a little bit of freshness to all the wood

cute little french white pots for succulents

Well enjoy your extra day off. We're all about the pricing and laundry today.

It's like Christmas all over when you have to unload that much stuff. We go so fast that you don't really even remember some of the stuff you bought. Yippee! 

Don't worry I'll post pictures of the loot soon. (hint, one of the typewriters already made it into the etsy store)


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