Oliver and Rust Christmas house tour 2015 part 1

Christmas crazy. That's what I am!

A lot of people have been gently reminding me I haven't posted my own Christmas house tour yet. Don't worry I didn't forget.

I am going to share our upstairs today and main floor next week. It's been quite dreary here this week so main floor photos haven't happened yet.

Welcome to my Christmas house tour of 2015 starting top to bottom.

the upstairs hallway

my lovely air plants got displaced in the christmas hub bub downstairs and when trying to find a new home for them this chair caught my eye. that's what i love about these things, they can go in those weird places and live and be perfectly happy. i have another one sitting on top of the birdcage in the other corner

when taking photos of the hallway i realized i haven't shown my frame/mirror collection end of the space in some time so here's to sharing

the upstairs bathroom

i was ecstatic to find towels for the holiday season for this upstairs bathroom that didn't have santas on them. not that i don't love the kitchy sometimes this room doesn't do well with it. simple gold and white from homesense and i love them. the rest of the year i am happy with the peshtemals but this time of year we need some more glitter.

the spare bedroom

with the addition of some colour this season. for those of you that are relatively new here this is also the room that i overwinter my hoard of plants. i have a little heater in this room and come in daily to check the happenings of growth and aphid control

the fur duvet cover that i usually use in our room went on this bed so that when i have a moment in january to lay down and read with franklin it will be all snuggly.

the master bedroom

what??!??!? red in the bedroom? yes the bug has bitten me this time of year. i enjoy the red for the holidays. it just seems to work with the vintage

my mom and i took a few hours to get some christmas shopping out of the way this week and i got myself a snood that stella is wearing.

and then it bothered me for a few days where i heard a line about a snood and it hit me from my favourite movie

"What'd you do with that? leave it in your snood?"

Bob Wallace to Phil Davis in White Christmas.

That just made me love it more.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Decorate, be merry and enjoy the season


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