Nine dollars

Another trip to the Goodwill store revealed a wonderful vintage red and white check blanket with the cutest knit red trim. Only 9.00.  Original thoughts in the store were to chop it up for pillows for my etsy re-opening in January. When I opened it at home to wash it, I had an overwhelming, "I think I like this" moment. I dragged it upstairs and made it into the green and white spare bed. Nothing says holidays and Christmas more than red, white and green right?

check out the tassels along the bottom.


then i added some red and white ticking ribbon and a check fur blanket from Target


i saw it finished and the first thought after "i love how it looks" was,"i'm turning into my mom".(in a good way lol)

red has always been my mom's thing for her home and i kind of shunned it from our home other than the rugs in the basement. now it's popping up everywhere. freaky friday moment.

and just in case you have a few moments to yourself today in the middle of the holiday last minute rushes, here is the upstairs tree picture as promised. it's snowing outside today but at least the tree is visible in the picture today.

can anyone else get enough of those bottle brush trees?

 bleached those babies out and snowed them in.

We are having our annual open house tomorrow, so back to work. I hope to have pictures of everything laid out and lit to show you.

Have a great day


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