My favorite junk shop

All junkers/antiquers/shoppers/pickers have their favorite places to sneak over to, that you never leave disappointed from. I have such a place in Wainfleet, Ontario called the Olde Mill. It is only open on Sundays and there is a constant rotation of new stock. It is a dilapidated barn with no hydro, no heat and a leaking ceiling. There is a generator running in the background, powering 1 chandelier, a few overhead lights and a ratty television in a side room. The owner loves his space and always gives a great bargain.

some of our latest architectural pleasures

Trevor loading our junk.
these 2 pictures are from my cell phone, so please excuse the quality. a glimpse inside the barn. you need a flashlight to pick through the back.

architectural salvage is surprisingly hard to come by in our area, unless of course you want to pay 200 bucks a corbel. my answer to that is, no thank you. this entire load cost us 45 dollars. i thought we made out quite nicely.

Until I am able to make it to the huge salvage shops in the USA (Big Daddy's Antiques anyone), this junk shop will remain in my heart.

Have a great day.


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