mixed metals, mixed styles, a mixed before & after

Well good morning everyone.

A little smallish before and after this morning. It was more of a finish a chore now lets add some pretty kind of thing.

Our upstairs bathroom has not really changed since we renovated it upon moving in 8 years ago. It was a fast "get er done" style renovation because when we moved in, there was no shower on the living levels of this house and I am not a take a bath every day person. When painting this room at the time, we used the wrong paint on the ceiling [just a standard wall paint] we had leftover from painting the rest of the house so it did not fare so well with time to the humidity. Enter the chore.

We needed to properly paint the ceiling with bathroom ceiling paint as the other was peeling around our fan and it literally stared at me every time I took a shower. 

Drove me nuts.

Also, the light installed above our sink was starting to tarnish and not in a good antique way. Little bits that didn't add up to the end of the world but nonetheless needed to be fixed up.

Of course little chores and the domino effect begins. Because why do a little facelift without the pretty parts right?

Enter our updated bathroom. The previous owners that fully renovated our home did not put that toilet in the right spot but, when we moved in we had neither the time nor the money to fully rip up the floor in here and change all the plumbing. The toilet should be behind that wall at the end of the shower and the lovely sink should be here. No offence here but, not thought out by a woman however I guess when you gotta go...... toilet proximity could have a win here. We got rid of the toilet paper stand and mounted the toilet paper to the wall with a roll hanger from Anthropologie. We were both sick of moving the toilet paper right and left, tripping on it. This has already worked out better.


A little refresh of what the room looked like before. Nothing wrong with it but the pillar and small table haven't moved in a long time. We did not repaint the walls because I love the colour so really all of this stemmed out of the ceiling. We still need to caulk our shower as the trim that came with the kit has just seen better days but I'm thinking thats an after Christmas project at this point.

The sink with tarnishing light.

I moved the pillar to the other side of the room and purchased this gold leaf bamboo shelf from wayfair. Super happy with the shelf, not so much with the delivery. It took 3 weeks to get here and was in stock. Don't these people know we get excited?

This room became the epitome of mixed metals and mixed styles. Why do we have to pick just one I ask you. So defined by labels we are. Our original chrome finish in this room is all of our American Standard faucets and then I decided to throw in a ton of vintage brass because I love it. And loving where you live really is the key.

And styles wise we ended up with 5 just by the styling in the shelves. It is my opinion that if things are in a similar colour palette and of course that you love them, they will somehow someway work together. I did decide to do only a few items per shelf ranging from useful to decorative and letting each item stand out.

I hung a collection of African Tonga baskets on the wall in a grouping for maximum impact. I purchased these for the store this past fall and had an idea for them at home so I snuck in a few for me. So happy I did. The height in the items from the shelf and the baskets makes the room feel bigger and visually pushes the ceiling up without a contractor.

New light fixture. Again an item from the store but works perfectly here. This light fixture adding in the "industrial" style to our mix.

 I still love my old ironstone lids on the wall so no real change in artwork. The soap pump is a gorgeous etched marble from Anthropologie.

Alright so truth time. This amazing brass champagne bucket stand was purchased for the shop. It was in the car, loaded into the store, cleaned there and tagged. It just didn't make it onto the floor because every once in awhile a piece starts nagging at me. One I love, don't see very often and have a perfect place for. This stand needless to say got reloaded back in the car, and made the trip back home. I "planted" it with a succulent terrarium top planted with gravel so it is 2 pieces but looks made for each other.

The pillar is now in this corner loaded on top with my current favourite planter from the store piled with grape ivy.

The view from the hallway looking into the bathroom.

Well that's it for my mixed style mixed metal self for today. The Christmas open house is tomorrow and Saturday for the store and this blog will be seeing a lot of Christmas tours, photos and just general sparkle in the coming weeks. It's a magical time of year and no matter the amount of work, pulling out my bins every year just feels exciting. Our home truthfully is almost decked as I love doing it early, plus the store is so busy I run out of time the later I wait but, this year I also have a little birthday to plan for the cutest almost one year old. 2 more weeks and my baby is a whole year. It really is true, time flies when you're having fun.

Have a great day everyone,



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