Milk Paint arrives at MT-Tails

Boom Baby!

We have moved on to milk paint in this house.

I have been itching to try Miss Mustard Seed's new paint line since it came out and since I have read her book cover to cover a few times.

I also did not start out with the lovely Ironstone or Grainsack. Nope diving right into the colour with this project. 

Bet you don't even have to guess to hard which colour I chose.


I know huge shocker that it is green. A lovely green it is though. 

Ok, a few pictures before review time and then some more pictures.

 Some chatter: I watched the video on the Miss Mustard Seed paint website prior to use so I didn't totally screw up the mixing and was overjoyed to find she doesn't measure the powder or water so if I was off by a bit, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

This paint is so utterly different to use, and I know that has been said before but it really is. It is watery, doesn't look or smell like paint (actually smells like toothpaste a bit)  and you need hardly nothing for a coat of paint on a small project.

This stool took 2 coats to get to almost opaque. I wasn't worried about the perfect coverage as I wanted it to look old and beaten.

I used 2 coats of MMS antiquing wax right over the paint and added some AS clear wax afterwards over that.

The antiquing wax was actually my favorite part of this project. It doesn't need to be worked as much as the AS dark wax and if you use it right on top of the paint, it gives the colour a deeper tone. I used the AS dark wax over paint on my first paint project and it changed the colour of the paint (lesson learned), the MMS antiquing wax seems to just add depth.

That being said, for a piece you are trying to get the dark into deep grooves, I think I would still use the Annie Sloan dark wax because of its sticking properties.


 The boxwood colour is a little darker in person that the pictures. It sits right between the colour of the boxwood wreath and olive. It's perfect and not too bright.

I used this stool as a test dummy for a larger piece. I figure if I hated the paint or hated the colour, this small stool was way easier to fix.

I did not use the bonding agent on this stool because I wanted to get the feel for how this paint works first. It is exciting to see where the paint will chip but nervewracking for control freak people such as myself.


I almost always choose to do any "distress" sanding post wax. It seems to give a bit more control of the amount you remove.


I don't think I will be permanently switching to milk paint for all my projects, as it is definitely more of an "antique" look paint and the project has to warrant the look.

So would I use this paint again. You bet, I am headed out to my garage to do it right now.

Have a great day,



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