Loot i say, wonderful Loot!

I have been waiting for what feels like forever to go to the spring market at my local (1.5 hour drive, seems local enough to me, as my husband rolls his eyes) Aberfoyle Antique Market.

I had a list a mile long piling up on me that I was saving for this day. We had just walked in the gate and bam there was 1 of the items on my list. A lonely little dirty carbouy in its wooden crate sitting on some steps and the owner of it just wanted to get rid of it. Spring special she said. 10.00..... I felt like the lady in the Ikea commercial and all Trevor could do was laugh and shake his head.

all the antique market scores

my factory cart table. *sigh* dreaming and wishing for about a year now, and it is finally mine, at a whole lot less than retail value. i almost missed this man, as last year he was always out in the open and after many rounds I still hadn't seen him. Almost in tears and then... Trevor said hey isn't that a cart there? where? in a little tent in the back corner up a ramp and in the back of a barn. i got the last 1 and it is a 6 wheel version (unusual) a 1500.00 value at our local Restoration Hardware. relief...

plus of course the greyed wicker planter, 2 huge galvanized buckets and an old pulley(not trying to copy the RH look at all)

tub wash stand(now happily home at the end of my bed(pics to come), my Ikea Carbouy, and a wonderful mission chair with original leather, a steal at 40 bucks.

An overall wonderful day complete with garden center stops, new pond pot fountain and a trip to one of my favorite inspirational stores Accents for Living in Aberfoyle, Ontario

Have a happy weekend. Happy Antiquing!

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