Late Fall Bedroom

As our household gets ready for Christmas, yes you heard that right (bloggers have to be ready early or at least that's the excuse i use for my favourite holiday)... I thought I would show you some photos I took when we got home from our roadtrip in the spare bedroom.

If you remember, I mentioned that we stopped at a Restoration Hardware outlet in Virginia. Man do I wish their regular stores were like this one. Instead of just wandering through the furniture and seeing something you love and having some rude underpaid salesperson tell you to go home and order it online because nothing in the store can be taken home, the outlet stores have most of the furniture haphazardly (in a good way) placed around and pillow covers, bathroom accessories and shelves full of lampshades ready for purchase.

Don't get me wrong I love the beauty and inspiration of the regular stores, I just do not like the concept of the catalog store. I am a toucher and when I see something that will work, I don't want to wait a week for it to get to me.

I got stuck in the lampshade section and found 2 lovely grey lampshades perfect for our spare room and they were only 10 bucks. That is cheaper than Walmart for crying out loud and 10 times the quality.

So of course when we got home, the new lampshades spurned a bit of a room refresh.

Welcome to fall in our spare bedroom. This room gets cool at night as it is furthest from the furnace so fur blankets are welcome additions.

i brought the topiary in from outside where it did wonderfully all summer. we'll see how it likes the sunny but cool winter room


when i redid our master bedroom and made the wall of windows, i displaced the antique door that was in there. it found a home in here behind the ladder


i must have also been totally blind the last few times i watered my orchids. i went in there one day and all of a sudden noticed this one had a 7 inch spike. where the heck were my eyes looking?


the linen lumbar pillow was also on clearance at Restoration Hardware. It has light black and white stripes, perfect for fall.


i switched the white lamp bases out for these brass ones i had picked up awhile ago at the thrift store. they are extremely heavy which ultimately made them hard to ship on etsy. the grey lampshades look rich on the tarnished brass.


we picked up a few of these trophy bowls on our trip. they are the perfect size for a jeffrey pinecone or a boxwood ball. look for some in the shop soon.

On another note, as part of an early Christmas gift from my in-laws we spent the day in Toronto yesterday seeing the performance of Les Miserables at the Princess of Wales Theater and going out for a great dinner. If this show is ever in your neighbourhood, what a treat. Many of us know the story penned by Victor Hugo and have now seen the award winning movie but these songs and characters are done great justice live.

Have a great Monday,


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