Kind of sums it up

I came across this pin yesterday and after some mild computer issues (when I say mild there was swearing, crying, calmy retorting at the snooty man trying to help me at the local electronics store like I was just another incompetent ludite) I decided that with all the pretty photos of our homes this time of year, I would take a break today and just throw this out there.


It sums up how I feel most of the time. There are always days where I wonder what the hell I am doing trying to work full time, get a creative business off the ground and be present enough to not miss my life. Trevor and I have had the hardest (self-inflicted) working year of our life this year and we are proud and exhausted to say we made it. We have goals and we are pushing, biting and scraping to get there.

This time of year with open houses and entertaining central can also bring out some awkward conversations and others offering opinions on our chosen path in life.

I like who I am at almost 30 (dear me it's right around the corner) and make no apologies for the vocal, strong headed person I was raised to be.

I have amazing role models in my wonderful encouraging parents, and a husband who supports every crazy hair brained scheme I come up with (even trying to strip a brass faucet...more on that soon, still calming down from that nut haired DIY) 

I push and shove, make mistakes, learn from them and try to be better and remember not to take things too seriously ( I'm working on this)

We're getting to the end of the year and most blogs will be doing a year wrap up, no different here but I just wanted to THANK YOU my reader for liking me and this blog.

Have a fantastic weekend,

We'll be drinking and eating the nights away and I will share some open house tips with you on Monday

Ciao all,


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