It's that time of the year, Christmas tour time!

Hi everyone!

So I know I have been very incommunicado as of late and there are so many reason but the most recent one is that I was asked by good friends of ours to decorate their home for the Port Colborne house tour and I have practically moved in with them to get it finished. 

Poor them, I'm an ocd house guest.

We weren't really allowed to share many details until today which isn't the best for planning an outing but in case some of you do not follow along on social media or are sitting drinking your coffee this morning wondering what to do on this great last Saturday of November, I have a suggestion especially if you like Christmas. 

Cause you know I do!

I promise a lot more details next week as I took a ton of photos and have lots of details about this log home. I will also be sharing our homes tour for the year without the basement right now *insert sad face here* but we have high hopes of having it back together by December 24th. At least I do.

Anyways today the tickets are available at the Guild Hall on Charlotte St where they will give you your map and shoe bag. It is also a great day to shop local, hit some wineries, do some relaxed gift shopping (maybe at Oliver and Rust lol) and plain enjoy the day.

Leave the grinch costume at home and enjoy life today (you need to avoid the crowded malls to do that today)

Well I may see you if you stop by the house tour on Barrick Rd before 1 or at the shop the afternoon and if not make it a good one everyone!


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