INSPIRATION: terrain style chalkboarding

We all need it in our lives. 

Inspiration to come up with new ideas, new plans.

To live our lives.

To make dinner

To get dressed.

To pick pillows.

To pick wall colours.

In my business I need it almost daily to make my brain turn over into the ideas and displays that create the environment I want people to experience when they enter the shop.

From the music you hear walking in the door, the scent that enters your mind and the displays that give you the visual stimulus to bring ideas you need for your own home.

One of my main sources of far away inspiration is Terrain. 

The garden store run by Anthropologie. The closest one to me is almost a 6 hour drive and I have plans to visit this spring in person and wander around with my mouth hanging open.

Now this little shop of mine is small in comparison to Terrain.

And of course small business owned so the sheer volume of product they have is for the moment not close to possible in our small region but I try to blend together the outdoor plant loving lifestyle into all aspects of the shop.

Once it was time for the red to get dropped in the back of the shop and spruce up the chalkboard wall for spring, I stayed after the shop closed one night and ripped the stock down to put it back up.

The fun part of this wall was actually nothing new at the time had come in to make this happen. I just moved and re-jujjed the products we had to go from winter to spring.

***please note that this wall was completed a couple weeks ago and stock has changed/sold so may not be exactly the same when visiting ***

Jill keeps laughing every time I come in from finding vintage and antiques because everything seems to have a weird  wonderland "alice through the looking glass" vibe lately.

I have come across so many rabbit items, top hats, giant heavy pocket watches from yesteryear that I think there may be a white rabbit following me around.

Or maybe that giant clock was a reminder that I should probably set my clocks forward 10 minutes so I am on time.

So who's feeling inspired for the next season.

I say every upcoming season is my favourite but truly I think it is just the bit of change and freshness each new season brings that is really the favourite part.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Don't forget to change your clocks


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