Important News: Welcome to Oliver and Rust

Hi everyone.

I have some exciting news today, maybe not for you but I am excited about it.

I am making some steps to streamlining all of my social media and business ventures and MT-Tails will now be Oliver and Rust. 

When  I originally began this blog a few years ago, having any type of store online or otherwise was a far off venture and Pinterest/Instagram didn't exist yet. 

I choose MT-Tails because it was cute and I like how it sounded but it was never going to be a store name. Once we decided on Oliver and Rust and made the gigantic sign in our living room I just started loving it even more.

Now that I am trying to list furniture to sell on etsy and our local classifieds and moving towards local sales, I find it getting confusing with the watermarks saying mt-tails and the store is oliver and rust and people on instagram getting confused as to who I am.

What does this mean to you?????

Nothing other than knowing this blog is still mine and now that I have a custom domain, it is a little bit more mine than just bloggers.

I purchased the domain right through blogger from GoDaddy and they take care of all the redirecting which is great for me.

The feeds and reading lists should just forward you here.

Before you typed in

and now

Please let me know if they don't!!!!!!!!

I will have a disclaimer at the top of the next couple of blog posts so just ignore it if you have already read this information. 

Thanks for continuing to visit and look forward to many more great posts and DIY's from Oliver and Rust  

Have a great day,


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