Happy Summer Sunflowers and a new table


While I was doing my groceries on Monday there was a huge bucket of sunflowers sitting on the floor. I was smiling just looking at them. Our crop of sunflowers isn't ready just yet so I decided to just bring some of that happiness in the bucket home with me and share them with you.

Smiles all around.

The first few photos also show our new very old coffee table. I found it on Kijiji and went/ raced after work to go pick it up one night because it was so dirt cheap it wasn't going to last.

I wanted to go the next night because I didn't finish work until 7:30 and didn't have a helping hand until the next night. I hate not being prepared to pick something up but, the lady brow-beat me into going that night and then when I got there wouldn't help me get it in my car. Grrrr, luckily there was a guy loading up other furniture there I actually recognized from the auctions I frequent. Nice man to the rescue.

I brought the table home and immediately got to stripping the finish off of the solid oak table. It is the same size as our previous table but feels a bit more rustic and less exotic than our other table.

There is also no glass on it so no more cleaning it. I don't normally mind glass tables but the direction of sunlight right by our windows showed every spot on that table.

this amazing jar i purchased from cat of sunday brocante and it has lovely french writing on it and looks perfect with the sunflowers

the french apothecary bottle is also from cat. in my travels recently i found this ironstone toothbrush holder. it is like a little cup with no handle. instead of a toothbrush, how about a sunflower

happiness in the kitchen as well.

cute quail ironstone pitcher. i paid 5.00 for this one and 1 week later saw a blue version for 65.00. yikes!

Have a great weekend all.

We'll be family reunion-ing and birthday-ing this weekend.


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