Grey End Tables

Good Tuesday morning to you all.

Before I started the bedroom project I repainted our end tables. I bought them a few years ago from a local soap store already painted. They were starting to chip to reveal black underneath the cream spray so it was time to fix the shabby not chic look.

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint for this project. I wanted a light grey finish for these tables but not just a straight Paris Grey as it tends to run cool and almost blue which is beautiful in most homes, not ours with all the warmer neutrals.


here is the finished table in its new home. the walls look a bit more grey in this photo than the white they are. it is a light grey against white walls.


COMPARISON SHOT: the table in front is the one just finished and the table behind is straight paris grey. it is a bit hard to see but the table behind has a definite cooler tone.


the dresser behind is paris grey with white washing



equal parts 

paris grey

french linen + 1 tbsp (gives more brown than blue tone)

white(i mixed old white and pure white to the amount needed, you can use just pure or just old depending on the tone you are looking for)


i clear waxed the tables and then used the AMAZING miss mustard seeds white wax. i will most likely never do a white wash again because of this product. so much more control of application and it gives the perfect almost concrete look with this grey


you can make out the black chunks on the right hand corner of the table. i blame the vacuum.


Happy Painting all,


city farmhouse 
stone gable 
common ground 
miss mustard seed 

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