Goodwill to all!

Sometimes, if time is on my side I make my way to the Goodwill store on my lunchhour from work. Today was one of those days, and I scored myself a ceramic Christmas tree for 5.00. Yup 5.00. It was a yucky green but, nothing my handy spray paint can't fix. 

A little walk to the ceramic store near work for the clear light bulbs and we are in business.

Of course I checked while I was there what these guys go for. Anywhere from 40-60 depending on size. I like the verification that I got a good deal.

My new little tree found a home in our main floor bathroom to light up the night.

(my walls look a weird colour in this photo, not sure what happened here)


BEFORE: not horriffic paint but not really my kind of green

oh and some straw wreaths for 2 bucks. more crafty projects in my future.

Have a good night


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