Feeling the Love......

What a lovely week it has been here at Oliver and Rust.

I just wanted to send out a few thank you's this morning to people that have been good to us.

Our post on Patina Style in the Spare bedroom has received a lot of attention and was featured on Common Ground and French Country Cottage this week.

Diane, from The Olde Barn blog did a wonderful blogger home tour that pulled photos from all the years of our blog/home. She even found this doozy that I can't believe was how I took pictures only a few short years ago. Check out the tour here

I suppose it goes to show, anyone can learn to do things like photography with a little determination.

Lastly, Kelly from Eclectically Vintage asked me to join her Saturday series of Eclectic Home Tours and  I am among some amazing company in this series, check it out here.

Cozy sofa and home tour

oh, seeing my summer pillows have me longing for warmer days. it is still so far away, can't hurt to dream right?

Have a lovely Saturday my friends,



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