Fall Roadtrip 2013: Part 1 Country Living Fair and Kudzu

Did you miss me?

You didn't even know I was gone, did you?

This is the first post I have written since last last Sunday as my chauffeur husband and I have been on a very long super duper fun roadtrip.

We have previously been to the Country Living fair in Columbus, Ohio and this June the fair in Rhinebeck, New York so hey why not go to the Atlanta show and make a perfect trio, right?

We are intrepid travellers at heart and decided to make a giant raodtrip out of it instead of just flying out for the weekend.

I took a ton of photos as we went to a lot of the places I have been reading about in your blogs and many many places not so much.

We started our giant 4000km (about 2500 miles)  journey by driving down through New York State, Pennsylvania which was covered in snow (bad sign), Virginia (more snow and lots of mountains) and called it a night. We kept trekking the next day and made it through West Virgina and into North Carolina. Did you know they have runaway ramps for trucks driving through the mountains that lose control or lost brakes? We made a great stop in a fantastic town named Asheville. I will be showing  a lot of photos about this stop on Monday. Today we are skipping to the Country Living fair and trouping around Atlanta. What can I say, that is the order I edited the photos in. 

This fair did not dissapoint and the setting of Stone Mountain Park was just beautiful.

Let's wander around the beauty of these vendors shall we?


we drove many kilometers south of  ontario, canada and saturday was absolutely cold at the fair. the lineup for coffee was huge right as the fair opened. the poor cupcake trailer that had the cofffee was bombarded. i had to hunt for a cute pair of gloves to keep my hands warm as i was expecting fall weather but not for it to be colder than when we left home.

people kept giving us the huge eyes when we said we were from near niagara falls saying we brought the weather with us. 


so the scoop. trev and i both agree that the setting at the atlanta fair was by far our favourite however, antique/vintage wise we felt columbus was the best selection.

rhinebeck was fine but didn't have the "feeling". it probably didn't help it was pouring when we were there but it still came in third for us.

if you have an opportunity to go to these fairs, you really should. we do not have fairs like this in our neck of the woods where there is such great attention spent on the booths and displays. it is like a really large store with so much to offer and wonderful people to meet.


next up was into Decatur, a suburb of Atlanta for lunch at Leon's full service. Awesome food, awesome industrial design. thanks Flea Market Style for the recommendation.


we then spent the afternoon driving around the area looking for some great deals. this photo was shot in Kudzu Antiques. a fantastic huge store of antique booths leaning towards retro modern in many of them. they also carry Amy Howard's paint line.

We drove through many of Atlanta's suburbs on the way back from touring their antique stores and the city is really quite something. The highways are a bit of a nightmare so just turn up the radio to distract yourself.

See you Monday with lots more travelling photos,


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